FAQ & Shipping


FAQ & Shipping

*All orders that qualify to be packaged in a box comes in recycled, naturally biodegradable boxes.

Where do you ship?
I ship to the United States and internationally to countries that are not on the USPS suspension list. Please check this list for affected countries.

What is your policy on VAT charges (EU)?
EU customers are responsible for paying any import VAT fees associated with your order, which you must pay through your local delivery service. VAT charges are separate from my shop's international shipping charges. Orders cannot be refunded if you fail to pay import fees. Untracked sticker mail, which are mailed in regular letter envelopes, are exempt from these VAT charges.

Do you offer tracking?
Tracked items:
  • Non-flat items such as clay figurines
  • Art prints
Option for tracked or untracked items:
  • For stickers, you have the option to select tracked or untracked letter mail (the latter is cheaper).

When will my order arrive?
I will ship your order from its origin within 3-5 business days. Postal services around the world have varying processing times, so I cannot guarantee the exact date your order will arrive in your mailbox. Please allow at least 1 week for US domestic mail and 4-8 weeks for international mail.

I think my order got lost in transit. Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds on lost pieces. Once your order is shipped from its origin, it is in the hands of the postal service, and you will need to contact your local postal office to handle their error.

I entered the wrong mailing address! What can I do?
If you notice your mistake quickly, then you most likely can resolve it by contacting me immediately at [email protected] with your order details. If your order has already been shipped out, then I recommend you work with your local postal services. I cannot offer any refunds for customer input error, so please carefully verify this information as you submit your order.

Do you offer refunds or cancellations in general?
If your order has already shipped and/or has a tracking number associated with it, then I cannot offer any refunds or cancellations.

Can I use your art pieces for ____?
Our Copyright Policy: All Items & Custom Illustrations are Copyrighted and are strictly for Personal Use Only. It is illegal to use or publish my art for profit or promotional gain without my explicit consent. When referencing my art, please be respectful of the line between inspiration and "heavily inspired."  As an LLC, we own the copyright in the articles, posts, and other content created by anyone employed under our company. In the event of an infraction, you can expect our legal partners to reach out to you with a cease and desist. Contact me for further inquiries.